Ahh, who doesn’t know Rowmeo? Rowmeo is the cutest and sexiest chicken on the face of the earth. Known the world over, he’s an actor and model. With a huge mansion in Beverly Hills, he lives between Las Vegas, UK, Paris and Milan. He’s the catch of the century and is the talk of the town wherever he goes. He’s also the brother Rowgelia never had. And though he’s a global celebrity, he only really feels at home when he’s with the family.


After Rowgelia, Rowberta’s the one you know best. She’s Rowgelia’s twin sister and she lives Albuquerque Mexico where she’s a business chicken. She founded a fried chicken empire, the famous fast food joints,“LAS POLLAS HERMANAS”. They are in over 200 countries and have more than 20,000 restaurants. Clearly, Rowberta was the family’s chicken with the golden eggs.
Today, Rowberta, stressed and overwhelmed by her business ventures, has decided to take a few years off, leaving behind her empire, her house in Mexico and her old life.
Her immediate plan? Invest in the elrowtown festivals and so give her twin sister Rowgelia a hand.
And her other plans? Right now, she just wants to live her life and find happiness wherever she can. Let’s say we’re all very curious to see what Rowberta gets up to!


Rowsana is the favourite cousin. She’s a punky red chicken and is the coolest member of the family. She lives in the centre of Berlin, in the Watergate district and bartends in the legendary TRESOWR. A big fan of Detroit sounds and rave culture, she’s hot-headed, rebellious and anti-system. Watch your step when she’s around!


Rowdrigo and Rowsario are the parents everyone would love to have, and Rowgelia knows she’s lucky to have them. They live like a couple of true hippies and believe in “Living the vida loca”. Their free spirited way of life has led them all over the world until they settled in a hidden cottage in Byron Bay, Australia. Here they amuse locals with their tales of travelling adventures - some people say they know all the worlds’ secrets. They’re full of stories from over the years, you’ll have to ask them…!

Now that she’s reaching into new territory with her successful elrow Town festivals, Rowgelia has called on her wise parents to help her explore the fantastical land that is Edinburgh. Rowdrigo and Rowsario are swapping walks on the beach for walks in the highlands and their mission is to uncover the magic within ‘Auld Reekie’! After all, the Scottish national animal is a unicorn! There must be magic about…

Rowdrigo and Rowsario will bring their own mischievous touch to elrow Town Edinburgh, and together we make the magic happen!


Rowdolfo and Rowsalía live in wonderful Tuscany in Italy. They have a country house in Montefioralle and own the famous vineyard “Rownello di Montalcino”. They love wine and great food. They adore being near young people so they always rent rooms to younger travellers who keep them company and give them stories to tell.

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