El triangulo de la Rowmudas

El triangulo de las Rowmudas

Come and see what's turned up on the shores of elrow Town London - a huge megaship battling against the newly awoken Kraken, angry and hellbent on swallowing up the party! Luckily, no one's in the mood to slow down and a fiesty crew of pirates, mind-boggling sea creatures and secret hippy communes under the sea will ensure the party carries on long into the night. Sandy beaches, looming palm trees and crazy sea creatures await festival-goers, as London gets its first and last seaside town for one day only!

El bowsque encantado

El Bowsque Encantado

Once upon a time there was an enchanted forest in another dimension where reality turns into fantasy and dreams come true. Many believe that once you enter the forest, the wildest corners of a person’s subconscious are aroused. Get ready to be watched by huge trees, to dance with beautiful creatures and laugh uncontrollably until you turn into some fantastic being. Jump into the inexplicable lost time zone, create your own world in the elrow forest, our enchanted realm where the music is simply otherworldly!

Rowlympic Games

Rowlympic Games

It’s 50 AC. All of elrowia is occupied by the Romans. Except one little hamlet, inhabited by some irrepressible fun lovers who keep the Romans at bay thanks to a magic potion that makes them invincible. Finally, the Romans, sick of losing all the time, and in a gesture of peace, invite them to their Rowlympic Games. And so was born the ancient tradition, where athletes and barbarows joyfully competed to see who got to be the greatest party animal of all

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