Hi, I'm Rowberta, Rowgelia’s twin sister. They say after Rowgelia, I'm the one you know best! I have been in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I have been living the life of a prosperous business chicken. I founded a hugely successful fried chicken empire, the famous fast food joint, Las Pollas Hermanas! Clearly, I'm the family’s chicken who lays the golden eggs and have the secret recipe for success. Everything I touches turns to gold!

Off the back of my successful business ventures, I have decided to take a few years off to pursue new exciting opportunities, leaving behind my empire, my house in New Mexico and my old life. My immediate plan? Well, my twin sister Rowgelia has asked me to bring my golden touch to elrow Town London festival. So, I'm moving to London to let my secret inner party chicken out! I can't wait to get stuck in to the city of London, full of creative and crazy ideas to put my own golden mark on the festival. I'm ready to work hard and party harder to make this the best one day party EVER. London, your future is golden! Aren't you curious to come and see what's new?!

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