What’s up chicksters!
My name’s Rowgelia.

I was born, or let’s say I hatched, on April 5, 2012, in elrow Barcelona, Spain.

Pira, one of the guys at elrow took care of my egg through the winter until spring came along and I danced out of my shell in a glorious fiesta of confetti and bouncing inflatables.

The first words out of my beak were, “Hi, I’m Rowgelia and I’m a child of elrow”. Music and parties really get my feathers moving and my mission in life is to make things as wild as possible and give you goose pimples, sorry chicken pimples, at every show we do.

Until I was two I basically was a party animal… going from club and festival in Spain, around Europe and all over the world. I made new mates on every continent, creating my huge team of chicken ravers: my friends and all the other locos on the planet.

On my travels I also found my family.
Rowgelia, my twin sister, an absolute ace in business.
Rowsana is my cousin, restless and radical. In short, the craziest girl around.
My parents; Rowdrigo and Rowsario are free souls and hippies at heart.
Rowdolfo and Rowsalía are my grandparents. Love and affection in its purest state.
And finally Rowmeo, my best friend, the sexiest and most famous chicken on the planet earth.

Well, as I was saying, I spend my days getting into trouble and spreading happiness like crazy. Two years ago, the Arnau family hired me as a promoter and I created my own show in elrow, “From lost to the river”. It’s been a total success and it is travelling around the world with the elrow team.

Last year all my dreams came true... I started, together with the family, to organise my own festivals!!! Rowgelia presents: ELROWTOWN!!!

A maxi-sized elrow, far better, with much more chaos, and a lot of madness. Seriously, some wild, wild stuff!!

I ended up putting on three elrow festivals, in three different cities: London, Antwerp and Amsterdam. And all three were a total f***king blast!

What I didn’t expect is that these festivals would give so much work and the truth is that I am the end of my tether. Too much work, too much everything and I just can’t be everywhere at once. The idea was that I was going to be the party chicken, not the work chicken! Ha-ha-ha!

In short, this year I need a bigger team, much bigger than last year, a team from my inner circle, and, although I will be acting the big boss at all my festivals, I have appointed members of my family as“mayors” of each of the elrowtowns.

In other words, each one will be the director of each of the festivals. Rowmeo will be in charge of creating Antwerp, Rowberta will take care of London and Rowsana of Amsterdam.

So now we are a way bigger team and we can make things go even better!!!
And finally, festival season has arrived!!! Let the show begin. Welcome to elrowtown 2019
Which of the Mayors will do the best job? And what do you think of the chicken who will be in your city? ;)

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