Hi, I'm Rowmeo, Rowgelia's best friend. Actor, model and influencer.
I’m from Los Angeles (I spend most of my time filming in Hollywood, although you can also catch me on the catwalks of Milan, Paris and, of course, PARTYING in the elrow shows that my ever-so-favourite chicken organises.
I’d call myself dynamic, daring and very, very seductive.

My biggest weapon: my smile.
My biggest temptation – well, parties and women are my downfall.
I don’t like to go unnoticed and I always try to make an impression wherever I go.

My life allows me to travel, meet people and see the world. The life of the celebrity is really tough, but you just have to get used to it and ignore all the gossip. This is the family I never had, above all, MY ROWGELIA who I turn to when my world and the tabloids get to be too much for me, or when I need fresh air, PARTY air, of course!

When I come to Spain I try to find a little time to be with my lifelong chicken friends.
I like to take care of my image and my favourite sport is fitness, whatever’s the fitness rage of the week 😉
I consider myself a normal chicken with a not-so-normal profession.

This summer of 2019 Rowgelia needs me so I'm going to help her out at her festivals. I’m dying to know what city and what elrowtown I’ll be at!!! 😉

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