Cashless refunds can be requested between Wed July 10 8 AM and Wed July 19 8 AM. Requests after this time period won’t be treated any more.


Elrow Town Antwerp is a cashless festival. We use our own currency called ROW’s. You can pay with them for everything you purchase at the festival. You can buy them at the festival with cash or debit card.

ROW's are only sold in multiples of €10 and are only valid on site.


The ROW's you purchase to spend at the festival will be charged onto a bracelet chip that you'll receive at the entrance of the festival.


ROW’s can be bought on site: you will need to charge your ROW's onto your bracelet at the festival. Mind that the ROW's are linked to your bracelet and cannot be divided between more than one person.


If you have ROW's left on your bracelet, you can request a refund. They don’t take place automatically and can only be requested during a limited period from Wednesday 10 July at 8 AM until 19 July 8 AM.

ROW's included in VIP packages are not refundable.

Request your refund HERE

Keep in mind that it takes up to 10 working days after the link is closed to process all refunds. Deposits will be executed approximately 3 days after the refund link is closed.


If you still haven't found the answer you're looking for, please contact for questions about our cashless system.

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