I am Rowsana, Rowgelia’s cousin and everyone knows me as THE WARRIOR.
I am rebellious, punky and a bit of an anarchist.
I live in Berlin, I’m single, and I do not believe in LOVE... only in friends 😉

I hate labels. I’m a complete fan of my body and my curves. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s dancing and going out drinking... but I never go out without my cousin Rowgelia. I go to almost every elrow on the planet.

I’m a waitress, I do some PR and sometimes I dance at Tresrow. What I love the most about what I do is being with people, I’m wild about our clients and absolutely MAD about electronic music! My world is all about raves, urban culture and being with my people. Every day I just slip on my Doc Martin’s, my jacket and hit the streets to have some beers with the gang. I’m always in the middle of the action, I can’t help being bossy, I’m restless, a trouble-maker, extreme, weird, shameless, in your face, …. I’m just BRILL!!!

Basically, I just want to enjoy life and live amazing adventures. I’m a pure live-wire so watch your step with me, ok!!!

My family for me are, how can I say it, they’re just MASSIVE and this summer of 2019 Rowgelia needs me and I’m going to give her a hand with her festivals. What city and elrowtown will I get?

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